Saturday, January 4, 2014


For some time now I have entertained the idea of opening my own coffee-shop/vinyl library. A set of lounge-y furniture would take up residence in the center of the room, while highchairs would accommodate the bums of those who enjoy people watching along the window-front  high-tops. The counter would have a small coffee service station equipped with espresso machine as well as a cash machine.  Large chalkboards along the walls would advertise specials and coffee products.  Along an entire wall would sit my record collection  (which would take an entire wall by the time I have the money to fund such a project as this) complete with turntable and some awesome speakers. Finally, in the corner would be a small riser and microphone for live musicians and speakers.

People could come in and simply enjoy a hot coffee and some good tunes.  They could make requests and even rent records for a small fee.  Every week there would be a speaker series where people with ideas worth talking about could come in and address the shop.  It would be a place where people can voice their opinions without fear of being judged.  There would be good conversation and even better coffee.  

This is obviously not something, as a young man possibly about to enter grad school, would ever have the time or money to pull off.  However, the idea of hosting my coffee shop as a virtual coffee shop on a blog became an interesting (and do-able) alternative.  

 What you are reading is the first post towards making this concept a reality.  Here I would like to open dialogues about things that I personally find interesting, and things that hopefully you do too.  We are going to talk about music, art, news, politics, culture, you name it!  Everything and anything that you would talk about in a coffee shop. With this in mind, please comment with honest and intelligent thoughts.  

 Remember, just like an actual shop, I am the owner of this page, so please do not leave litter lying around and remember to toss it in the trash.

And don't forget to sit down and read with a large mug of coffee.  This is the most important part.  

I leave you with some tunes.  Burial's 2007 release, Untrue.  Dark, moody, good.

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