Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Egg Pt.2

A throbbing pain was developing in the back of Edwin’s head.  The lamp.  Jane was distraught to find that when the old lamp had burnt out, instead of changing the bulb, Edwin had simply purchased a new lamp.  Also, the lamp that Edwin purchased was entirely unlike the prior.  It was a swinging arm lamp, meant for desktops, whereas the old lamp was a simple standing lamp that Jane had inherited from her deceased grandmother, a hideous clanky brass abomination with a pink felt shade.  Jane always suspected that Edwin disliked the lamp, but this, this was unacceptable.  

In truth, Edwin neither liked nor disliked the lamp.  When it came to getting a new bulb, he simply couldn’t remember which kind it took.  Instead of buying several kinds of bulbs and taking them all home to try (he detested clutter), he figured it would be much simpler and time saving to purchase a new lamp entirely.  It was then that he found the sale at the hardware store.  The prospect of getting this new lamp for the same price of two packs of bulbs was too good to pass up.  As if that wasn’t enough, the new lamp already included a bulb.  His purchase firmly clutched under his arm, Edwin felt giddy as he made his way to the checkout counter.  Completely forgetting to get the remaining items on his shopping list, he made his way home and set up the new lamp in place of the old.  Jane would be home in three hours.

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