Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nimble Fingers vs Coldhands

Angel Olsen - White Fire

This morning I woke up with nimble fingers. Every so often this happens, my fingers seem to have a mind of their own and tap all over everything, It can sometimes last as much as all day, but more realistically they remain active for a couple of hours.
However, I think this is going to be an all day affair.
While each finger is an independent, they communicate between each other with tremendous clarity, making finger movements rapid and coordinated. Snapping is snappier, typing is fast and accurate, and if there is a knot that needs undoing, stand the fuck back. It can be a marvelous state of being, but is it not without consequences: my hands become irrecoverably cold. Cold hands are usually fumbling and clumsy. Not my Coldhands, and much like the character in G.R.R. Martin's splendid world, they execute with grim efficiency.

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